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Client Settlment of $461,000

Clients were injured when a young driver made an unexpected U-turn in front of them. Husband suffered a broken hip and wife sustained a traumatic brain injury from which she developed memory problems. State Farm paid the liability limits of $300,000, and then Liberty Mutual paid an additional $161,000 on the underinsured coverage, for a total recovery of $461,000.

Crashed car of client.

Client Recovers $550,000

The client was injured on a motorcycle by an uninsured driver. MO Lawyers' Weekly just published an article on the case, which settled for full policy proceeds. The client had more than $300,000 in medical expenses and the defendant was not insured. After filing suit against the other driver for negligence and against the client's own insurance for vexatious refusal to pay, we were finally able to collect the full $550,000 proceeds for the client's damages.

Damage resulting from car crash.

Client Settlement of $500,000

My client was recently offered and accepted a half million dollars for a personal injury from her automobile crash. Trial had been set for the end of August. A Life Care Planner and Ph.D. economist were set to testify to the client's significant and permanent injuries when the offer came. The settlement represents the full proceeds under the insurance policy. Here is the story as reported in MO Lawyers Weekly.

Crashed car of client.

Client Recovers $162,500

The client was injured when a vehicle pulled out in front of him and he had no time to stop. The defendant had only $50,000 of liability insurance and my client had over $200,000 in medical expenses alone. A search of the case records showed the defendant had recently been divorced and had unencumbered assets. We filed suit and recovered the $50,000 insurance proceeds, but in addition, collected another $112,500 in the personal assets of the defendant, for a total recovery of $162,500. My client also had a Medicaid lien of $50,000 against his proceeds, which we were able to get reduced to $2,000 by filing a Petition against the MO HealthNet. MO Lawyers' Weekly published an article about this unusual case.

Client Settlment of $10,000

A client who had a common cold used Zicam nasal spray one time only for relief from the symptoms. He noticed the very next day that he had lost his sense of smell and taste. We filed a lawsuit in federal court which was consolidated for pre-trial discovery along with 1,800 other cases from all across the United States. Read the article for the interesting outcome.